• Grainpulse  NPK coffee fertilizer (50Kg)

Grainpulse NPK coffee fertilizer (50Kg)

UGX 245,000

Coffee trees-3 years and older need 16% nitrogen with 15% water soluble nitrogen and 1% ammoniacal nitrogen, water soluble phosphorus pentoxide 2%, water soluble potassium oxide 31%, water soluble sulphur trioxide 28%.

Application rate is 200gm per tree per rain season.

10kg covers 50 coffee trees for trees 3 years and older and 100 trees for trees 2 years and younger.

Coffee fertilization requirements

Deep well drained sols are preferable.

In commercial areas, planting densities vary from 3000 to 5000 trees per ha.

During the first year, no yield should be allowed of the tree.

The tree will direct all of its resources to develop a widely branched root system.

On the second year, a low yield is permissible not more than a 1.5kg of fresh cherries per tree.

Production starts from the third year onwards.

Application rate is 200-300gm per tree

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