• Rootex 0.6% - Rooting Hormone (1Kg)

Rootex 0.6% - Rooting Hormone (1Kg)

UGX 140,800

ROOTEX is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator used to stimulate rooting of cuttings of herbaceous and woody ornamentals. ROOTEX works with diffi­cult softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings of deciduous plants and evergreens. They will root faster and with a much higher success rate. In propagation, ROOTEX provides a full complement of the essential hormones needed to rapidly initiate root cell formation. In this vital stage of root development, these hormones remain right where they are needed most, at the cut. Active Ingredient: Indole Butyric Acid (I.B.A). Use: Dip lower part of the cuttings in the ROOTEX ® powder, Remove overdose residues by shaking the cuttings in the container then Plant in rooting substrate.

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