• Oshozyme Biostimulant fertilizer (1 litre)

Oshozyme Biostimulant fertilizer (1 litre)

UGX 52,000

OSHOZYME-D is a unique fertilizer having major & micro-nutrients along with seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) extract. It is a non-toxic organic storehouse of naturally occurring plant growth nutrients and stimulants hormones:

OSHOZYME-D is applicable in vegetables, flowers, plantation crops, cereals,tuber crops, oil crops and fruit trees.

MEANS OF APPLICATION: OSHOZYME-D can be applied through soaking seeds, root dipping and drip irrigation (fertigation).The general recommended
application rate is 500ml per hectare/ 200ml per acre. The dilution can be made with sufficient water to ensure good coverage

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