• Granular potash fertilizer (25Kg)

Granular potash fertilizer (25Kg)

UGX 110,000

GranuPotasse is a high grade granular sulfate of Potash(SOP) ideal for bulk blending with a variety of fertilizers, as well as for direct application to the soil. It contains 50% potash (K2O w/w) and 18% sulfur (S w/w) and can be used in a wide variety of crops, either directly or as part of an NPK blend.


-Free flowing robust granules, free of dust

-Extremely low salt index

-Improves crop yield and quality

-Increases crops resistance to damage during transport and storage

-Virtually no chloride and free of nitrates

-Helps boost the crop resistance to stress.

-Equal performance in alkaline or acidic soil.

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