• Oshothion 50 EC pesticide (500ml)

Oshothion 50 EC pesticide (500ml)

UGX 16,000

OSHOTHION 50 EC is a broad spectrum, non-systemic insecticide used for the control of a wide range of insects like thrips, aphids, coleoptera, diptera, hemiptera, hymenoptera and lepidopterain a wide range of crops, including cotton, fruit trees, potatoes, rice, coffee and vegetables.

It is a cholinesterase inhibitor. It is non-systemic and combines contact, stomach and respiratory action.

Pre-harvest Interval: 7 days in vegetables. Application rates 1-2.5 Lt/ha.

Vegetables and flowers: Thrips 40ml per 20 l

Aphids 50ml per 20 l

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