• Azoto BARVAR-1 Nitrogen Biofertilizer (100gm)

Azoto BARVAR-1 Nitrogen Biofertilizer (100gm)

UGX 100,000

Contains bacteria and fungi which are immediately active on opening the fertilizer.

Application procedure

  1. Mix 100g in 5 liters of water and sieve it
  2. Throw away the grains and remain with the concentrated liquid which is 5litres.
  3. For seed treatment before sowing, spray the solution on the seeds and mix well. Seeds should not be wet and sticky.
  4. For tuber treatment,, dilute the liquid in sufficient water and either deep the tubers in it before sowing or spray the solution onto stacked tubers.
  5. Seedling treatment, dilute the solution and deep roots of seedlings in it or add the fertilizer to the tray of seedlings before transplanting.
  6. For at the base, using a shovel, a T shaped tool or a mechanical groove making method, dig two or four holes 20-40cm depth in the shading circle of tree canopy, distribute one liter of the above biofertilizer solution diluted in 100 liters of water into the holes.
  7. For irrigation (top dressing), mix 5 liters in 100litres of water i.e. fertigation.

N.B 100g is enough for 2.5 acres.

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