• N-Drip quarter acre irrigation kit (1 piece)

N-Drip quarter acre irrigation kit (1 piece)

UGX 2,020,200

N-Drip's gravity-powered, micro-irrigation solution enables farmers to sustainably produce higher yields, while saving on water and fertilizer. No expensive pumps or pressure-based filters needed.

• Energy-efficient, cost-effective drip irrigation system
• Specially designed to optimally irrigate one-acre fields
• Quick and easy self-installation, easy-to-follow instructions included
• System control head requires no more than 0.05 bar of water pressure at the system head (50 cm)

• Up to 100-meter lateral length
• One-meter lateral spacing
• Includes all components required for field installation and operation
• Suitable for 0%-4% slope range

• All-in-one solution
• Quick and simple to install
• Cost effective
• Saves water
• Easy fertilization
• Maximizes yield potential
• Laterals are 100% recyclable
• Provides efficient irrigation with only 0.05 bar pressure

• All annual crops (field crops
and vegetables)
• Crop germination on most soil
• Any field irrigated by flood can
be converted to N-Drip

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