• Cocopeat fertilizer (20Kg)

Cocopeat fertilizer (20Kg)

UGX 175,000

General description: 

Cocopeat is a natural and renewable resource produced from coconut husks. It is completely homogeneous material
composed of mil lions of capillary micro-sponges, which helps to absorb and holds water in soil. It improves the structure
of the soil facilitating good air movement and drainage, enabling roots to breathe. The high organic content also
encourages the activity of beneficial soil dwelling organisms, making your soil a healthy place for your plants to grow.

Advantages of Soil Conditioner - Coopeat:

100% natural with no harmful chemicals added • High water holding ability, which means less frequent watering •
Suitable for vegetable and flower plants • High water holding and high air fill porosity • Ability to hold and release
nutrients in solution over extended periods without rewatering. • Improvement of the structure of the soil facilitating
good air movement and drainage • Encouraging the activity of beneficial soil dwelling organisms • Odourless • Moss Peat
Free, Reusable over years • Less Water Consumption Great Water Retention • Incredible Cation Exchange Protective
Anti-Fungal Properties • The lowest EC levels available • Unmatchable Reconstitution volumes • Faster Growth • Perfect
Air to Water Ratio • Increased Yield • Decreased Storage Space • Drainage and Dripper Holes to suit your setup and
irrigation equipment • Optimum PH for an easy start • Strong, Natural Rooting Hormones • The Highest Quality Growth

Direction of use:

1. Place Cocopeat in a container. Add 150 litres of water over the 5 Kg block. Block will hydrate in 20 minutes.
2. Turn block over half way through the process. Pull the block apart and make sure any dry areas are fully hydrated.
3. Drain the extra water into plant or nursery beds.
4. Coco peat is ready to be used. One 5 Kg Cocopeat block expands to around 2.1 cubic feet.

Mix equal parts of Coco peat with soils;
Seeds & Cuttings: Mix 50/50 with sand
Hard Soils: Mix in 1-2 hydrated bricks/10 sq ft.
Mulch: As a mulch apply a 2-3 inch layer of hydrated Coco peat.

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