• Mistress 72WP fungicide (1Kg)

Mistress 72WP fungicide (1Kg)

UGX 47,000

General Description: Mistress 72 is a broad-spectrum unique fungicide formulation
containing a mixture of both systemic and contact fungicides thus providing outstanding control of diseases such as blights, downy mildew, purple blotch on a variety of crops.
It ensures durable protection of the target plants during periods of active growth.

Mode of Action: Cymoxanil has both contact and local systemic action and also inhibits
sporulation, while mancozeb is a non- specific thiol reactant, inhibiting respiration.

Contact action: Mistress 72 forms a uniform layer on plant surface, thus inhibiting entry and
growth of fungi.

Translaminar Action: From the upper surface, it penetrates into the plant tissues and goes
up to the lower surface. This helps in protection from both surfaces.
Rain Fastness: After spray, Mistress 72 gets absorbed in the system within 2-3 hours. Thus
cannot be washed away by rain.

Induced Host response (Plant defense): Immediately after infection, presence of
Mistress 72 induces defense in the plant system, resulting in thickening of cell walls near the
infection site. This prevents invasion and spread of disease in the plant.

• Due to its strong contact as well as translaminar action, Mistress 72 provides long
duration of control.
• Best in controlling resistant populations of fungi.
• Repeat sprays not required even if it rains 2-3 hours after application
• Provides Manganese and Zinc nutrition, keeping plants green and healthy.

Crops: Potatoes , Tomatoes , Onions, Beans, Cucurbit


Early and late blight, Purple blotch, Downey mildew, Beans Anthracnose, Cucurbit Downey mildew,

Other suggested uses:

Ornamentals-Roses :Downey mildew Diseases

Application rate: 30gm/20L 1.5kg/ha

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