• Calciprill Agricultural Lime (25Kg)

Calciprill Agricultural Lime (25Kg)

UGX 82500

Physical effects of liming

  • Manage soil acidity
  • Improve the structure of the soil
  • Increase the soil’s ability to store water
  • Promote root development

When and why do I need it?

  • Soil with low Calcium status leading to Plant Nutrient Deficiencies – Agronomic
  • Soils with Low pH – Soil Chemistry
  • Soils Improper Cation Ratios – Soil Chemistry
  • Soil Compaction / Hardpan Compaction due to inappropriate Ca : Mg – Soil Physical
  • Ease of Usage / Transport / Application – The Practical /Economical Considirations

Key attributes of Calciprill

  • Calciprill has a very high ECCE( effective calcium carbonate equivalent)giving a guaranteed quick reaction time. This brings about a quicker correction of acidic soil pH’s sooner than any other liming product.
  • Calciprill can be blended into your fertiliser mix for the convenience of a single pass application.
  • Calciprill can be applied directly to the soil or to your growing crop without causing phytotoxicity effects.
  • Calciprill is applied at lower rates compared to conventional agricultural limes.
  • Calciprill provides calcium nutrient to your growing crop.
  • Reaction time 4-6 weeks after application.
  • Average use rate through bunding 50Kgs/Acre realizing 0.3 to 0.5 pH increase in the root zone.
  • Crop focus ; Maize, wheat, barley, legumes, potatoes, coffee, Brassicas and avocado.
  • Average 13% yield increase especially on maize, wheat, barley, legumes and potatoes
  • Depth of pH adjustment: 30cm to 90cm.
  • Sustainability. Changes evident up to 13th month.
  • Significant changes in nutrient availability and uptake (P and Ca).
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