• Aquawet sticker (1L)

Aquawet sticker (1L)

UGX 21,000

AQUAWET SL is a liquid agricultural wetter, spreader and sticker. It improves retention of spraymixture on plant surfaces and enhances distribution of spray mixture over plant foliage. it reduces the surface tension of the spray mixture, thus improving wetting properties. AQUAWET SL improves the spreading properties of pesticides and foliar fertilizers thus improving their efficacy as shown below.

AQUAWET SL is especially vital during the rainy season to prevent the chemical from being washedaway by rain. It is also useful to prevent the spray mixture being washed away by overhead irrigationwater. However, AQUAWET SL is also useful in any season to achieve homogenous spread of spray chemical on the crop.

NB: Poor spread may result in large spray drops, which may end up scotching the leaves after the spray has dried.

AQUAWET SL is also recommended for naturally difficult to wet leaves like coffee, tea and such other similarly textured leaves. 

Mixing Rate 

Product Range Inclusion Rates 5-10ml/20lt of spray water 250-500ml in 1000Lts of spray mixture.

Fungicides 10-15ml/20lt of spray water 500-750ml in 1000Lts of spray mixture

Insecticide  20-25ml/20lt of spray water 1Lt-1.25Lt in 1000Lts of spray mixture.

Herbicides: Add the recommended amount of AQUAWET SL to the spray water before adding other chemicals.

NB: Read the individual pesticide label carefully before use.

Caution: AQUAWET SL improves the efficacy of the chemicals by enhancing wetting and sticking properties.

Therefore, caution should be observed when incorporating AQUAWET SL so as not to exceed the recommended dosage of other chemicals otherwise the higher efficacy may result in scotching.

Compatibility: AQUAWET SL is compatible with most agricultural sprays unless otherwise expressly stated by the chemical manufacturers. However, always undertake compatibility tests on a small scale before mixing large quantities.

Composition: Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate Condensate and Glycol Ethers.

Formulation: Soluble Liquid

Packaging Quantity 1 litres
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