Super Gro organic surfactant and sticker (250ml)

UGX 34,000

Super Gro is a multi-purpose agricultural surfactant, specifically formulated to work with modern crop treatments and application equipment.

a). Works with any crop treatment designed for use with water.

b). Works as a wetting agent, to make water wetter.

c). Works as a spreader-sticker to provide better treatment adhesion and retention on plant surfaces.

d). Works as an adjuvant to maximize crop treatment performance.

e). Works as an emulsifier for improved oil dispersion.

f). Economical: Concentrated formula performs at 1000 to 1 dilution.

g). Versatile: One product works for many purposes.

h). Easy to Use: Mixes easily in hard or soft water.

i). Long Shelf-Life: No special handling precautions.

- Store well in non-temperature controlled conditions.

- Use on both indoor and outdoor plants.

- Non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable.

- Finally, it saves you money!

Application: Mix 20ml of Super Gro per 20L of water.

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