• UPF12 passion fruit seeds (100gm)

UPF12 passion fruit seeds (100gm)

UGX 100,000

  • KPF12 passion fruit variety – Yields much higher than KPF4
  • Has a slightly sour taste and mainly produced for juice processing.
  • Planting: Planted directly from seeds in a nursery.
  • Maturity: Flowers in the 10 month after transplanting; reaches maturity in 12th–14th month after transplanting
  • Altitude: Does well in low to mid altitudes 0 – 1,500 meters above sea level
  • Soil: Requires N:P:K good fertilizers are DAP and N:P:K +Ca 17:17:17 
  • Seedlings: Ready for transplanting 6 – 8 weeks after potting; good seeds are one to one and half feet tall, vigorously growing, free from pest and diseases.
  • Is tolerant to drought and Fusarium wilts.
  • Yield: 700 – 1,400 Kg per acre per week under good agronomic practices
  • Seed rate: 100gm per acre

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