• Easygro Vegetative fertilizer (1Kg)

Easygro Vegetative fertilizer (1Kg)

UGX 19,000

Easygro Vegetative Foliar Fertilizer & Fertigation 

Formulation: Soluble Crystalline Powder

Composition: N.P.K 27: 10: 16 plus Trace Elements (S, Mg, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, B, Mo) Plus biostimulants.

General Description
A water soluble fertilizer with chelated micro-elements and bio-stimulants for foliar feeding and fertigation. It is recommended for use during:
* Plant growth periods that require relatively high Nitrogen levels e.g. during periods of vegetative growth.
* Directly after harvest when nutrients need to be stored for the next season.
It is ideal for the vegetative growth stage of crops (e.g. shortly after establishment) as it enhances formation of adequate foliage for photosynthesis. Due to its high Nitrogen content , plants have healthy vigorous growth, strong root development, dark green foliage, increased seed/fruit formation and higher yields.
Features and Benefits
 Enhances formation of foliage –thus higher photosynthesis levels
 Allows for build-up of nutrient reserves after harvest (in perennial crops)
 Highly soluble and readily taken up by plants
 All micronutrients are chelated to enhance uptake

Crop: All vegetables e.g cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, French beans, peas, carrots, cucurbits. Flowers, Field crops: potatoes, Cereals (wheat,Barley)

Application rate: 30-40gm/20L water          1-2kg/ha 

Interval: Apply as full cover spray at 1-2 weeks interval until start of flowering

Compatibility: EASYGRO® Vegetative is compatible with most agricultural remedies. Avoid lime sulphur, white oils and certain copper formulations.

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