• BIOLACT BOLUS (1 piece)


UGX 6,500

Probiotics, Prebiotics, amino acid & liver extract concentrate

Each bolus contains:Live Yeast Culture 3g
Activated Dry Yeast 1g
Lactobacillus Sporogenes Culture 50 million CFU
Amino Acids (from Protein Hydrolysate) 3 g
Liver Extract 6 mg
Excipients q.s.
Ruminal stasis, indigestion, inappetite, intermittent diarrhea, poor growth & production due to decreased
ruminal function.
Benefits of Biolact Bolus
• Improves ruminal digestion
• Assists in stabilising the rumen during ration changes
• Reduces weight loss at start of lactation
• Increases lactic acid metabolism
• Reduces risk of SARA and clinical acidosis and rumen dysfunction
• Increases levels of total VFA's
• Increases cellulytic bacteria to utilize high starch rations
• Improves FCR, increase utilization of dry matter and fermentation of organic matter
• Important in aiding the establishment of the microflora in order to develop the rumen papillae during the
transition period
• Maintains feed intake
• Increases milk yield
Large ruminants: 1- 2 bolus daily for 3-5 days.
Small ruminants: 1/2 bolus daily for 3-5 days.
or as directed by a registered veterinary doctor.
Use in pregnancy & lactation:

Biolact Bolus is safe in pregnancy & lactation
Use of Biolact Bolus with antibiotic may reduce its function partially or fully.
Withdrawal Period:
Meat & Milk - Nil
Pack Size
8 x 4 Boli.

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