• Mechanical Crane Weighing Scales

Mechanical Crane Weighing Scales

UGX 120000

We are the suppliers of a wide range of Industrial electronic weighing scales, Laboratory scales, Jewellery scales, Table Top scales, Bench scale, Platform scales, Crane and hanging scale, Price Computing scales, Counting scales, hospital scales (baby scale), and Pitless Types electronic lorry weighbridge, Fully Computerized Weighbridge and Batching System, and weighing automation. In addition to these, we also offer Junction Box, weighing indicator, Load Cells, and Lightning Protector, and table top scales body (cabinet), mother card (PCB) and total weigh scales spare parts etc.
Packaging Quantity 1000 Pieces kg
Condition New
Delivery Advance On Order
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Guarantee Our Capabilities We design and fabricate all of our scales and their subassemblies in our Kampala factory and can apply our expertise to any situation requiring weighing. From simple requests to challenging specialty applications, we welcome every opportunity to put our engineering expertise to use.